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Best Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking - Online Airport Parking

Best Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking

By Editor | Gatwick Airport Parking

Cheapest meet and greet Gatwick

Best Meet and Greet Gatwick 

Meet and Greet at Gatwick is one of the best option for the traveller at Gatwick airport.

Why ?

 As it helps you to save your valuable time and we at Online Airport Parking  helps you to save your money by finding cheapest & best meet and greet at gatwick. 

The London Gatwick airport (LGW) as it is operates a single runway airport and based on statistics, this is the second most busiest single runway airport in the world with a passenger number of 46 million people per year.

With two major terminals (the North terminal and the South terminal) and the large number of people that board planes at Gatwick airport per year.

Cheap Airport Parking  at Gatwick

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 it is impossible not to have issues with parking when you arrive or depart from the airport especially when you have no help. So it is essential to reach out and find a reliable and efficient parking service like the Best meet and greet in Gatwick in order to achieve a hitch-free, time-saving and stress-free departure/arrival at the airport.

Gatwick Airport Parking Options

Gatwick airport is a large airport with large passengers to fit. As a result of this, parking becomes a big issue that can be stressful and time consuming.

This is why there are many car parking services to choose from in Gatwick airport just like in any large airport around the world. Some of these parking options are reliable, effective, saves time and fit what you want.

Below are the options you can choose from:

On Airport Parking:

On Airport Parking in Gatwick airport simply has to do with self parking.  It also involves a bus that transfers you to your departure terminal (north or south terminal) within 5 to 15 minutes for quick check in.

The advantage of this type of airport parking is that you get to know where you parked before departure and keep your car keys when you travel.

Off Airport Parking:

Off Airport Parking here has to do with you parking your car outside the airport at a nearby car park.

This type of airport parking is relatively cheap and reliable. So if you are a traveller looking for a cheap parking service, then this is for you. Online parking in Gatwick airport is another parking option to look out for. It is also very easy and efficient.

One of the most reliable and efficient parking option in Gatwick airport is Meet and greet services. In this blog today, we will be looking at the best meet and greet services in Gatwick airport.

​Meet and Greet

Meet and greet service is gradually becoming one of the most effective and popular parking services you can get at any airport around the world.

It involves you leaving your car at the terminal for a meet and greet valet representative before you depart for a trip without having to waste time looking for the right parking space. On return, you can meet your valet representative at the terminal where you left it with your car ready to go.

In order words, as a passenger going to the airport with your personal car, you don’t have to worry or waste time on parking before going to check in and board a flight. The meet and greet takes care of that problem for you. This service is so simple, efficient and cheap compared to what you have to go through if you didn’t get the services of a meet and greet.

Gatwick Meet and Greet

Having established that meet and greet services is one of the best parking services in an airport,

we are going to focus on establishing the best meet and greet service in Gatwick airport.

There are many meet and greet parking service providers in Gatwick airport that it becomes difficult to choose one with excellent services. Below are some of the meet and greet parking options you can choose from:

Gatwick premier parking

Gatwick premier parking is 5 star meet and greet service in Gatwick airport.

Be sure to call Gatwick premier parking 15 min prior to your arrival at the airport. Follow the signs and locate your way to one of the multistorey car park where you will be given a ticket at the barrier. On meeting your Gatwick Premier parking driver, you are expected to hand him the ticket and your car keys at this point.

Also call to confirm your return after claiming your baggage at the carousel. The driver will then advice you on an ideal meeting location at the short stay car park. This ticket is pre-paid and lasts for only 10 min. So be sure to get over with everything parking before the time elapses.

The Gatwick premier parking service provides a very secured and insured car park.

Sure Parking meet and greet

With one of the highest reviews in parking service at London Gatwick airport, Sure Parking meet and greet provides your car with top security at a secured compound just a short distance from the airport.

All you have to do is give them a call 20 min before you get to the airport. You can easily recognize Sure Parking staff with their distinct orange jackets. Drop off your car at the top floor of orange car park 3 in the short stay car park of the south terminal. While in the north terminal, drop your car at the 4th floor of Car Park 5.

Don’t worry about your return procedure, your sure parking driver will explain all the procedures to you.

I love Meet and Greet Gatwick parking

The I love meet and greet parking service is considered to be one of the best at Gatwick airport. The process has to do with you calling the I love meet and greet customer service about 10 min before you get to the airport.

On getting to the airport, you are expected to park at the lift of terminals where you will meet an I love meet and greet valet driver that will take the car to a secure parking slot.

When you return from your trip, you can contact them and your car will be parked where you left it with an I love meet and greet driver waiting for you.

Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking Cost

Meet and Greet At Gatwick with money saving tips

Meet and greet services in Gatwick airport is relatively cheap considering the effort they put in to secure and watch over your cars while you travel.

The price of meet and greet parking service usually starts from £66.17 for 8 days straight.

If you are staying for a longer period of time, contact the meet and greet service that you want for more details.

Also you have to note that some meet and greet service ask for  £3 payment before you pick up your car when your return.

Saving tips for meet and greet services

Book early: There is a lot of advantage booking early than booking two or three days to your trip. You have the opportunity to save up to 65% if you book early unlike when you book two or three days before you travel.

Discounts: There are so many sweet deals and offers to look out for when you are trying to get a meet and greet service with discounts up to 10% off. So be sure to always look out for the next deal when you want to use a meet and greet service.

Opt for non flexible deals: Choosing a non flexible deal gives you the opportunity to save more. This is because flexible deals cost more as a result of the possibility of cancelling your bookings. With non flexible deals, there is no room for cancellation and because of this, the price is fixed and cheaper.

Saving Money on Gatwick Airport Parking

Airports can be very hectic and very stressful, it is so difficult to deal with all the hassles and bustle of an airport especially with finding the right parking and all. You could spend minutes looking for the right parking space especially in large airports like Gatwick.

This is where meet and greet parking services comes in, they help reduce the hassles and stress you feel when you are at the airport. And it's not time consuming!

Lowest Price Guarantee at Gatwick Airport Parking

We compare Prices from all major and trusted airport parking operator in Gatwick area, including Gatwick Airport Meet and greet. So you are right place. 

Lowest Price Guarantee

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