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Cookie Policy - Online Airport Parking

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Online Airport Parking uses cookies on its site, online airport parking , to understand our individual users and their requirements from our site respectively. By using cookies we are able to understand closely how you use our website and what all you require from it. Therefore, we work towards improving it more, with the help of cookies, to give our every individual customers a more enhanced approach. Read on to know and understand our cookie policy. You may continue using our site if you accept our cookie policy and if you don't accept our cookie policy then you may stop using it immediately.

To start with, here are some definitions and interpretations :

  • Cookie – A cookie is a small file placed on our website page, which is reflected on your device when you visit a certain part of a page or if you use any service or feature.
  • Cookie Law – Contents and some relevant parts of General Data Protection regulation- EU regulation 2016/679 and Privacy and Electronic Communication (EC directive) Regulation 2003.
  • Personal Data – Any or all data provided by an individual which represents himself or herself. The data from which a person can be identified directly or indirectly.

A. Use of Cookies by our site :

  • You may face and access first party cookie on your device which will be placed by us. These first party cookies are directly used and placed by us and there is no other third party involved. These cookies are used to improve our site based on your user experience and requirements. Your personal data is highly protected at all stages while using these cookies.
  • There are also cookies placed by third parties like other websites like Google (find google cookie policy here), service providers or any party other than us, on our site. You can read UK cookie policy here.
  • The following types of cookies may be used by us. We strictly follow cookie law while placing and using these cookies.
  • 1
    Strictly necessary cookies - Just like its name, if it is essential to put any cookie then it falls in category of strictly necessary cookies.
  • 2
    Functionality cookies - These cookies help us provide you with additional functions as per your saved preferences and personalised experience. These may fall in the category of strictly necessary cookies but not all strictly necessary cookies are functionality cookies.
  • 3
    Third party cookies - Third party cookies are placed by other websites which work for us or provide services to you.
  • 4
    Targeting cookies - In order to make a site more relevant and enhanced for user experience, we use targeting cookies. These cookies help us know about how many times you visit our site and what parts of the page and links you have visited.
  • 5
    Session cookies - Session cookies appear for a particular session or time. They remain temporarily on your screen from when you open the website to you close the browser.
  • 6
    Persistent cookie - Just like their name, persistent cookies are persistent in their appearance. They remain on our page for a specific period of time and again reoccur whenever you open our page.
  • 7
    Analytics cookies - These cookies help us analyse how you use our site and your user experience on our site. Analytics cookies analyse about the features you use and how you navigate through our site. It gathers these information to help us enhance our web page for more usability.

B. Consent and Control of cookies :

  • 1
    When you agree to our cookie policy, you can freely access and use the services provided by our website. By agreeing to our cookie policy, you are giving your consent to input and apply cookies on your device. This is going to help us give you more enhanced usage and experience to you.
  • 2
    You have the right to enable or disable cookies from your web browser. Many web browsers also have the option to only disable the third party cookies. However, all web browsers accept cookies by their default function, but you can change it by disabling or enabling the function as per your choice or consent.

C. Changes in the Cookie Policy :

  • 1
    We have the right to change or add something to our cookie policy. If you use our page after we have made changes in the cookie policy, then, you automatically accept the new policies. Therefore it is recommended for you to visit the cookie policy page from time to time.
  • 2
    On the occurrence of conflicts between the current cookie policy and the previous cookie policy, provision enlisted in the current and updated cookie policy will prevail.

D. Contact Us for further information :

If you have any queries or wish to know more about our cookie policy and how we use it you may contact us through out contact us page or by email us at info@online-airport-parking.co.uk