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Best free travel apps you need in 2019 - Online Airport Parking

Best free travel apps you need in 2019

By Editor | Best free travel apps

Best_travel_planning_ apps

Best free travel apps you need in 2019

The holiday season is just around the corner from from car parking to other holiday plans. Travel agents? You do not really need them if you have a smartphone in your pocket with few best travel guide apps.

It can definitely be a humongous pain to plan a trip. However, it is 2019, and you definitely have all the tools you need to map out your vacation and make the entire task a breeze while you are at it. From Google Play to the App Store, we have listed here some of the best travel guide that will help you get rid of all your stress and travel in style without any worries or apprehensions.

Let’s check out the top 10 free apps you must definitely make use of on your holiday this year!

Top 10 Best travel planning apps


Skyscanner is a very handy and convenient app when it comes to planning for your travels. From booking your flights to hotels and even rental cars,

Skyscanner is a one-stop solution that has you covered in all aspects of your travelling requirements. Skyscanner looks for the best and most affordable options online through its travel partners, and thus, you are guaranteed cost-effective prices and a decent booking.

In addition to that, the app is extremely user-friendly, and so, you do not have to worry about navigating from one part of the app to another.

This app is quite similar to Google Flights, and you will be able to see all the cheapest dates on which you should fly. You can also subscribe to alerts when there is any change in the prices.

 It is common to see many individuals not sure of exactly where they wish to go. In this aspect, Skyscanner categorise and enables the users to explore their “Top Deals” where you can travel at affordable rates.


Airbnb is a great app that will take all your worries away regarding your stay in any country or city.

The best thing about Airbnb is that it gives you the opportunity to stay with the locals in a central location. Unlike a 5-start hotel, you don’t have to pay very high prices for staying in a prime location with Airbnb.

Moreover, the Airbnb hosts are always happy to offer guidance regarding the local places that are not much known to tourists but are worth a visit.

The Airbnb homes are also very comfortable for tourists. It is like staying in a home away from home. Moreover, you can find Airbnb in small towns as well where it is hard to find a decent hotel.

Overall, having this one of the best international travel apps on your phone when you are on holiday can come very handy especially if you are stuck last minute and need a place to stay.


Best_travel_planning_ apps_Uber

If you are travelling to another country or a city where you don’t know much about the public transports,

Uber can come in handy. With standard rates and easy access to taxis, Uber can be a lifesaver in many cities. 

So, if your flight arrives at odd hours, you don’t have to worry about looking for the public transports. In most cities, public transports don’t run at late night or early morning.

So, if you are arriving in the city at such hours or just want to party late at night, the Uber app will ensure that you reach your hotel safely. Hence, this is one app that you must have on your smartphone before you take off for your vacation.


Citymapper can be your favourite tool in no time at all to use and find public transportation.

The list of countries on this map is growing by the minute. The app is connected with a couple of ride-sharing services that offer the users the fastest route possible to arrive at their destinations. ​

The best thing about this app is that it also lets you check the train and subway times for quite a number of cities offline. Therefore, even if you do not have an active internet connection, you can stay updated with the timings and schedules.

You can even subscribe to a particular bus line or train, and the app gives you regular alerts when you must get off a bus or a train. This can come in handy if you are in new city or country for the first time.

Google Maps

When you are on holiday in a new place, it is important to have Google Maps in order to navigate around with ease and comfort.

Although physical maps have their own charm, Google Maps have definitely made our lives much easier. 

Best_travel_planning_ apps_Google_Maps

Now, you just need to make a list of places that you need to visit while you are travelling and Google Maps will take care of the rest.

It also helps in planning the itinerary in a way that you don’t end up wasting time by getting lost in a new city.

You can simply choose the area and the places you want to visit and let Google Maps do the rest.


Kayak holidays is the go-to trip planning app for countless people across the globe. It works just like Skyscanner and searches across a number of travel websites for hotels, rental cars, and flights.

The best thing about Kayak is that you can sometimes also find some very exclusive deals on this app that you might not find elsewhere. Therefore, you can set easy price alerts as well as use Price Forecast in order to determine to buy immediately or wait for the prices to drop.

 This app can also potentially act as a trip planner, and it offers crucial details just at a glance such as your gate number at the airport and your hotel confirmation number.

It also enables users to access also this information in real time and on a plethora of devices such as the Apple Watch.


If you are looking to buy a plane ticket at the lowest price possible, you must download Hopper. It works just like Skyscanner and Kayak.

You can filter the cheapest flights on the app to fly, thanks to Hopper. In addition to that, Hopper also updates the users at the right time to buy the tickets via push notifications.

Hopper also claims that the users can save anything up to 40% on their subsequent flight by way of tracking and analysing billions of flights.

Furthermore, the user interface of the app is pretty simple, and  the company claims that you can easily book a flight in one minute or less.

It has also been awarded App Store’s Best in 2015 by Apple, and it has been the Google Play Award Winner in 2016.

Hotel Tonight

Did your plans for Airbnb fall through? Were your flights delayed after your layover? It is very challenging to predict whether or not you will reach your destination on time.

When all your bookings are so uncertain, Hotel Tonight comes as a lifesaver. It is a super reliable service that essentially thrives on offering last-minute deals.

This company partners with several hotels to offer the users distinct discounts on empty rooms and as claimed by the app, users can book a room in less than 10 seconds. In addition to that,

you also enjoy a customer service of 24/7 from the team of Hotel Tonight if something goes awry.


It can always be beneficial for you to create a checklist for all the essential things that you must pack for your trip.

However, what will you say if we tell you that you can get a ready-made checklist for your convenience?

Yes! Packpoint checks out the weather forecast of your destination according to the place itself and your dates of travel. 

According to that and your preferences, it lists down the things for you in the form of a checklist that you can refer to while packing so that you do not miss out on anything.

XE Currency

If you are travelling to another country this year where they use a different currency,

XE currency is a great app that you must have in your smartphone. It helps you make the conversions immediately so you can easily keep track of your expenditure.

When there is a change in currency, you might end up spending more than what you budget without even realising it.

Therefore, having XE currency handy can help you immensely and keep your spending's in check.


Travelling is often a fun thing but planning for it, not so much! Use these apps and make your trips smooth and hassle-free!